Phase One: The 7 Year Itch Project

Can “The Great Tameka” pack, paint, unpack and decorate without going completely mad before Festimas? Stay tuned to find out…


>Thanks Given


Thanksgiving 2010

I hope all who partake enjoyed a happy, healthy Thanksgiving. We shared a quiet intimate dinner at home; just the four of us. This is no easy task with all of the hustle and bustle in each of our daily lives’, so we are truly grateful to have been able to carve out this time for reflecting and reconnecting.

Thanksgiving is one of those complicated celebrations for me, as I’m not too keen on its painful historical past. I do however, remain meditatively mindful of the lives, culture and history lost when we gather to savor our own sweet, but fleeting time together.

Peace, gratitude and grace

>Finals, Fame, Fun, and Finals…


I am finally settling myself after a whirlwind weekend! Friday was the end of studying and the final final exam of the Summer. With Fall fast approaching, the Universe squeezed in a heaping helping of awesome for this weary, worrisome, woman on Saturday.

First, my interview with the sweet, warm and wonderful Jennifer Davis creator of “Indie With…” “Indie With” is a blog and Internet radio show that highlights independent artists/entrepreneurs who have a little (or in some cases a lot) going on on the side. We met this past Saturday to discuss what being an mom, artist, wife, business owner, and self- proclaimed “side-dish slut” means to me.

Thirty-one minutes of fame: although the lines were quiet, Pretty in Peace was buzzing! I received more hits on Saturday than I have since I went LIVE! on Big Cartel this past August. It was a wonderful experience, and the energy shared between Jennifer and I was palpable even through the airwaves. Kindred spirits unite! Have a listen, leave a comment-let’s show some support of Jen’s new media venture! For more on Jennifer Davis the artist, see her shops here:

Oralgasm:”Chocolate mixed with all sorts of delicious things”
Phineas & Lou:”City life and music inspired knit and crochet” wares

With a school picture-esque smile frozen in place I begin to thrash about in my closet to find something equal parts comfortable and stylish for my date with the Favorite Guy. That’s right- same day, new adventure. Joseph and I are fortunate enough, through our respective works, to be neatly tied into the local art and music scene here in Phoenix. Friend and esteemed local DJ Senbad was working the Red Bull Sound Clash with The Roots and Miniature Tigers, and we got in on this SOLD-OUT evening of super. And stupor, in the way that only an energy drink sponsored bar side event can be.

And now, I wait for the final grade of my final class to post. I’m tinkering on the edge of an A. based on my worst-case-scenario calculations, I will need a minimum grade of 88% to hang on to my 4.0 with a 91.910%. Anything lower, and I fall into that grey, subjective area that clearly doesn’t fit with my very concrete plan for world domination, now does it?

Sips cawfee, minimizes screen, F5s on grade book and…still nothing. Grimace.

This post has been brought to you by the letter, “F”, Peace!

>Unfluffy Shtuff


Cosmo at 5lbs and about 3 months old, based on his teeth

A few nights ago, the Favorite Guy and I were sitting up in bed skimming The Cat Encyclopedia and came across a very interesting fact-well, interesting to us anyway. Cats-it seems, don’t think they are people, rather they think we are cats. This made for so much restless thinking on my part, as I am currently in the throes of acute misanthropy.

How fantastic would life be if humans could even begin to behave like cats? [I’m already married, I’m allowed to be a crazy cat lady. Please continue…]

Although your cat doesn’t ask you how your day, life, kids, spouse, art, work, school etc. is going they also don’t neglect to check if you’re still alert, oriented and breathing before they go into an hour’s long rant about the aforementioned areas of their life only to end the call abruptly without…”Um, yeah…I’m fine, thanks for asking,” she says awkwardly, to the dial tone!

Cats know their shit stinks and are conscientious enough to cover it up but not by masking it in perfumed semantics, posturing, transference and defenses. I’m liking this already…

What have you got for me?
Have you been a good kitten, er…I mean, friend?
Peace and fluff

>Time, time, time…


In a people house…

Ahhh, seasons change with the scenery
Weaving time in a tapestry
Won’t you stop and remember me
At any convenient time
Funny how my memory slips while looking over manuscripts
Of unpublished rhyme
Drinking my vodka and lime

-Simon & Garfunkel-

A few weeks ago I deduced I’d been running approximately 2 weeks behind in life…or was it a week? Either way, I was running behind and the anxiety of impending deadlines felt much like impending death, without the rest and peaceful parts.

I buckled down, (read: neglected everyone and everything that wasn’t on a list or whining) and got it all done, and done well. I’m still holding onto my 4.0 GPA with just two more assignments and one week to go. I’m equal parts proud and [insert English language translation of “blah”].

I know this seems awfully existentialist of me, especially since I generally reserve random thoughts for Thursdays, but does the end ever really justify the means? I mean, when you’re done doing, you’ve only freed yourself to do more-and, hopefully if you’re lucky- different stuff.

That being said, now that my studies and one craft fair are done, I’m in full out holidays prep and planning mode. The leaf is in the table, the menu is planned, the vegetables have been forewarned and baking anxiety is in full gear. (Baking is evil.)

What have you all been up to in my absence?

Peace and pondering

>DIY or Bust: The Halloween edition


Glasses $1.09, Sweater: mine $0.00.
Vintage dictionary: mine $0.00
Skirt (stadium blanket turned into wrap skirt, with only a few expletives) $2.70.
Socks $4.36
“Old Crow”
Spanish Moss: $2.64, skull cap $1.09
Hot glue gun $0.00. Black bird $4.13 (w/coupon)
additional feathers and lashes $5.48
scarf $5.48
Priceless memories

Peace and family fun

>DIY or Bust: Craft Fair edition


I think I’ve mentioned aloud (Sometimes the conversations I have in my head meld with the real ones.) that I’ve gone completely crazy and entered TWO craft fairs this year; that’s twice as many as usual! And, perhaps I may have also quipped aloud regarding having ZERO dollars in way of a craft fair budget. Rebranding has put the kibosh on any disposable Pretty in Peace income. Necessity is, however, the mother of invention and I needed to raise my pieces to make them more readily visible atop a buffet table that is several inches lower than most collapsible craft tables. Amongst a sea of 30 other vendors it was not a step I could afford to leave out of my sales/exposure strategy.

Dons thinking cap and enters garage of doom.

Repurposed cardboard box, bowl of Mod Podge $0.00

Fabric scraps, child labor

Hidden interior: sandwich bag filled with gravel from front yard


Felt, grosgrain ribbon $0.00

Clear push pins: $1.09 (tax included)


Peace and simple living

>Cosmo and the Universe


On the heels of what can best be summarized as a full out fucktacular month, Yael Rose returned from the mailbox of doom on Monday with this little guy; skinny, filthy and cute as ever!
I took him in, fed him and started the obligatory, “Is this your furry friend?” sign. Our neighbor, a dog owner-told the Favorite Guy that our visitor had been in and out of his yard teasing his dogs for a couple of weeks. Hmmm…The kids pooled their resources and off we went for ear mite cream, flea shampoo, a de-wormer and of course, a pretty little collar.

After much, much debate about names: Bennie, Vishnu, Comet, Pizza, Greyson, Theophilus, etc. we settled on, “Cosmo”. Cosmo however has yet to settle down-at all. Much to the dismay of our three older, fatter, lazier rescued feline friends.

With two craft fairs and the busiest shopping season of the year approaching, he is proving to be somewhat of an occupational hazard for Pretty in Peace.

But, who can resist the cute?

Thank you Universe for allowing me the opportunity to give shelter to another furry friend in need. See, I’m being gracious, now can you ease up on the fucktacular please. My beer budget is TIGHT.
Peace and critters

>The NEW!


Peace Dreamcatcher necklaces

Leaf and Pod charm ring

Athena bracelet

The Castle Key necklace

A few of the pieces I’ve completed over the past week and into the weekend. Things continue to move at a rather intense pace here at Casa de Mercado, I’m equal parts excited and frantic about it all.

I’m still feeling really good about what I’ve been churning out design-wise. The discovery of the feathers at the bottom of my bucket o’ brass findings has inspired a small collection of crunchy, Bohemian pieces, that I hope to build into a larger line for Spring based on how they’re received this quarter.

The Castle Key necklace and Athena bracelet are more elegant, Holiday Collection designs. They’re the tail end of my Finer Things Collection and will likely remain one of a kind pieces. This collection has been a blast to create, I’ve had fun stretching my imagination beyond the confines of my own flip-flops, jeans and obnoxious tee reality, but I feel a change comin’.

Being in the red has forced me into a deeper shade of green with regards to my booth displays for Coffee, Cookies & Crafts 2. I’ll be posting more about the process in the next few days. I literally have a current budget of $0. (That is not a typo.) I do however, have a glue gun and access to free child labor, until Halloween. Winks. To be continued…


>My busy week in review…


Also known as excuses for blog slackin’ when I shoulda’ been blog mackin’… (Somewhere my friends are wincing at yet another failed attempt at being hip.)

Last Friday I cut my own hair…I “fixed” it on Saturday…I haven’t combed it since.

Studying…well, sorta. This is stupid week. Are you familiar with stupid week? Well, I have a week when I just can’t seem to get anything to make sense…it happens every month. The last time I had woes of the monthly variety I had the culprit excised by a nice man in a very cold, well-lit room. There were drugs, it wasn’t so bad. This time however, I am not so lucky, so deal I must.

I study with the television on for background noise-it helps drown out the voices in my head that beckon me to do other, more fun things, like eat more empty carbolicious calories. Only this week the television beckoned me to find the names of cool songs from Subaru commercials via Google and then purchase said cool songs for my 5pod, but only after watching them on YouTube thrice and “singing” loudly. Note: I only actually know the 30 second snippet of lyrics featured in the commercials.

Here’s my favorite one:

A pox on dude who pulled the doughnut out of his pocket. I had to double take…with one hand on the phone…thumb on the number 9… Please tell me you saw it too.

What else? Oh, despite what I look like in the photo above and now as I type this, I’m a rather astute businessperson, and have spent a better part of the week sounding great in type and on the telephone as I negotiated (read: whored) my way into some pretty exciting ventures for Pretty in Peace. More on those later…

Today I completed a few NEW! pieces for my Holiday 2010-2011 Collection, and managed to squeeze in a few, simpler everyday-wear pieces for a local craft fair. Spins in chair, and giggles as cats run for all of their lives. I made it! Woot!

I saw a good movie…Canadians are um…Canadian. See for yourself, it’s called, “Les Sept Jours du Talion” (Seven Days). It’s an impressive take of the madness of a vengeful heart…or the heart to avenge madness. You’ll have to let me know what you think when you watch it; It’s on Netflix streaming.

I wore purple. I bought more Halloween treats, clear nail polish; taught more math and discussed The U.S. Constitution.

I watched a docu-news-something-or-other on Andrea Yates and yelled at the television, my husband noticed something was wrong with me. Hmmp!

And, here I am…on the verge of once again wishing you all a wonderful weekend. I’m going to comb my hair tomorrow, and take pics of all of the new designs I’ve completed…promise.