Project 333: Preparation

Earlier this week–abruptly and outwardly apropos of nothing, I opted to join Courtney Carver’s Project 333. (The week before last, it was shooting. A real gun. The road to forty is full of surprises.) I digress. From the blog: “Project 333 is a minimalist fashion challenge that invites you to dress with 33 items or less for 3 months.* Wow!


I had no idea just how few thirty three items were until I did the first culling. Limiting my wardrobe so drastically would require fastidious planning, so I devised a plan I thought would simplify the planning process. You still with me? OK. First, I painstakingly removed all of my I’ll-wear-these-again-when-I-lose-some-weight items. As difficult as that was, I know I’ll never wear those items again even if I did suddenly receive a jolt of post-hyster/oophorectomy middle-aged beer and doughnut lovin’ metabolic badassery. I’m over it. I’m fat. I’m hot. I’m happy. R.I.P sizes 2-8, it’s been real.

Next, I went on to the seemed-like-a-really-good-idea-when-I-was-depressed-but-I-hate-you-now pile of items. I have serious, serious bouts of crippling depression, also known on this blog as, “the taupes”. No matter how many years I’ve battled the evil beast, I still succumb to the siren song of cash register beeps and clicks during my lapses. (In addition to, not in lieu of professional counseling and prescription drugs.) This pile– unfortunate for me, but to the delight of someone else weighed in at over 50 pounds. Many items still had tags on them. There was one particular blouse in that pile– one I distinctly remember ordering from ASOS in those first few weeks after my first marriage ended. It fit, the style was classic, but the memory and the ensuing emotions were all wrong. I tucked a note in the pocket which read, “Be love.” before I folded it, placed it atop the pile, tightly tied the trash bag flaps and made a clumsy, albeit purposeful traipse to the donation receptacle down the road. I hope it brings a smile to someone’s face; it really is a beautiful top.

A few beers later, I surveyed my closet faced with the realization that: 1. I have entirely too much shit 2. 33 items is merely a particle in my walk-in closet universe. And, so begineth, The Second Culling of Clothes. This process–having already expunged the can’t-fit-yous and the I-hate-yous still took several hours. These hours were different, however. I’d gotten to the core of things, if you will. I was down to the toughest choices: my favorite items and, I began to notice some pretty interesting truths. So, in no particular order, I present them here:

  • I like quality items. Save for a couple of TJ Maxx, Marshall’s big box liquidation type retail steals, all of my favorite things are high-quality/ higher-end goods. I chide the dude for being a label whore, but J.Crew, Free People, Anthropologie, Lucky, Kate Spade, Birkenstock, Zara and Elie Tahari–I’ve been whorin’ for ya. I confess.
  • That being said, a very close second in the whoring department are my Indie-boho-handmade-NYC-street-and Etsy-goods purchases. Aargh! How I long for the day when you all have sew-in labels. This girl loves her handmade goods.
  • My personal style is a cross between classic and eclectic: clean lines meets bold patterns. Almost all of the items cut failed to make a statement of class or style on their own. (More on that when I reveal the keepers.)
  • I like natural fibers–synthetic blends, eh not so much.
  • I live, work, and play in warm, earthy tones and neutrals, all year long.
  • Lastly, my wardrobe choices–the near and dearest ones, are projections of my inner voice, they are elements of expression and, they are as intense, complex and intriguing as I am.


To be continued…

* The next round of Project 333 begins on July 1, 2013. You are, however welcome to begin at any time.

Peace and simplicity