The Scintilla Project: Day Two

Prompt: Tell the story about something interesting (anything!) that happened to you, but tell it in the form of an instruction manual (Step 1, Step 2, Step 3….)

Love: Model: 1.618   TM and ©1997   Michael and Tameka Inc.   All rights reserved.golden (2)45

Congratulations on the discovery of your NEW! Love: Model 1.618 and, welcome to the life you never knew you wanted, til you realized it actually existed. Here’s how to get started living your dream–well, the one you never dreamed because, you never knew to believe it might actually come true.

You’ll need:

  • 1 cheating spouse
  • 1 jilted spouse
  • supportive friends
  • healing time
  • an open heart
  • 1 handsome co-worker
  • several alcoholic beverages
  • 1 NYC dive bar
  • a long, very long kiss good-night
  • faith



  1. With all that you are, make your jilted spouse confront the cheating spouse with evidence of yet another extramarital affair. The jilted spouse must also alert the cheating  spouse of plans to relocate for an unspecified amount of time.
  2. Have your jilted spouse pool all liquid assets from stock options and available credit card cash advances.
  3. Take pooled resources from Step 2. Use them to help jilted spouse secure adequate housing, furnishings and obtain other essentials.
  4. Combine jilted spouse with supportive friends. Add adequate healing time.
  5. Upon completion of Step 4. Your jilted spouse will begin showing signs of healing and restoration. You are ready to proceed when this is evidenced in increased self-esteem and intermittent displays of genuine happiness and fulfillment.
  6. Breathe.
  7. Insert one tall, handsome male co-worker into the story. Take the previously jilted spouse, and allow the two enough alone time for casual banter, joshing and coy smiles.
  8. Repeated Step 7. over the course of one–You better ask somebody– hot, sexy, New York City summer. Upon proper execution, your previously jilted spouse will now show consistent signs of high-level confidence, self-esteem and, blossoming sexual energy.
  9. At the New York City summer’s end, have your previously jilted, but-now-glowing-with-blossoming-sexuality-confidence-and-self-esteem spouse, invite the tall, handsome, not-exactly-a-stranger-anymore from Step 7. To the local dive bar.
  10. Have him postpone, but consent, nonetheless.Do not allow the previously jilted, but-now-glowing-with-blossoming-sexuality-confidence-and-self-esteem spouse become discouraged.
  11. Breathe. Plot. Wait.
  12. Set the date, and go to the local dive bar.
  13. Upon entering, have your previously jilted, but-now-glowing-with-burgeoning-sexuality-confidence-self-esteem-and-a-mighty-fine-plan greet the barkeep with a smile. Have her order a drink of Stoli’s Oranj chilled, and a Heineken. Order a Hennessy–no ice– for the tall, handsome, not-exactly-a-stranger-anymore. This combination will bode well.
  14. Repeat Step 13. Until smile widths increase, bottom teeth are visible, protective/defensive postures cease, glazed eyes and somewhat slurred speech are present. Close bar tab, and have the once previously jilted, but-now-glowing-with-burgeoning-sexuality-confidence-self-esteem-and-a-mighty-fine-plan one phone the supportive friends secretly, from the ladies’ room. They will rejoice.
  15. Have the two exit the local dive bar and enter the bustling city streets–southbound. As you near the end of the first block, insert the right arm of your previously jilted, but-now-glowing-with-burgeoning-sexuality-confidence-self-esteem-and-a-mighty-fine-plan, into the pocketed hand, and bent arm of  the tall, handsome, not-exactly-a-stranger-anymore. Walk approximately 6-10 city blocks before coming to a deliberate stop.
  16. Have the two exchange giddy– albeit restrained– farewells, as they recall the evening’s highlights. Lean them in for a kiss.
  17. Maintain the kiss from Step 16. For a period which feels nothing short of forever. Allow hands and, Stoli’s-Oranj-chilled-and-warm Hennessy-minds to wander. This will produce the desired outcome.
  18. Enjoy.


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Infidelity and divorce completely fucking suck, but sometimes shit happens and when it does, it’s comforting to know that ordinary people can and do have extraordinary stories of triumph to tell.

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  1. I adore this. Thank you for sharing it with us!
    I can’t wait to read more! This particular topic definitely hit close to home so it’s wonderful to hear the joy and hope and healing in this piece and definitely had me in much better frame of mind!
    Thank you!

  2.,.THIS!! 😀

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