September 4, 2012

“Friend, you’s married now!” In a buoyant and uproarious echo, my subconscious calyx of pain was broken and I was back. Back–back to life, back to my preferred reality, basking in the moon’s glow, and backed by some of the most gregarious, loving and riotous members of our chosen families. Oh, it was surreal!

On September fourth, I married [wipes tears] an incredibly beautiful human. I wish I could be more writerly and set the tone for those who were not in attendance, but neither was I–sort of. What I mean is, I was there–but it wasn’t me, well the same me who has since emerged to tell the story.

Some time ago, I wrote Tiny Deaths. A post reflecting my thoughts on a concept a dear friend pointed  out. Life, she instructed, consists of a series of “tiny deaths” we all must face to grow…”like a garden”. The best way I can describe my wedding week is to say it was a slow, pleasurably painful, blossoming. Transitional layers were shed, fresh new leaves were exposed and as I walked away from the altar, I felt open and alive in ways that escape this life cycle’s recollection. It was transcendent. It was so transcendent, that I’m still gaining perspective on what it all means for the journey.

I’ll be writing more about the wedding, the road to the wedding and my new journey as Ms. T. Allen-Cotto in the days, weeks and months ahead. For now, I’m going to bask in the glow of love.


Peace and love

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  1. I hear Luther’s voice “…in the glow of love, flowers blooming and the beauty of it all…it’s a pleasure when we treasure all that’s new and true and gay.”

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