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Thirty days to primp and prep ’til I pack my wares and head down to Crafeteria 2009 in Phoenix! Yes, dear friends in art and life, I am in the building (er um parking lot). I made it, me and 29 of Phoenix’s hottest indie artists will make our works available to the public this December 4th.
The pressure is on this year because: 1. Last year’s debut garnered rave reviews from craft show veterans and patrons alike. One of my bracelets even had a write up on the local paper’s fashion blog! 2. Phoenix or (NoPho) is quickly becoming the place to be for art and artists and Frances Vintage (home of Pretty in Peace designs) is the New Times boutique to beat when it comes to handmade goodness. I’ve got my work cut out for me.
While I toil away with the wire and beads, the postman has been coming through with all manner of display goodness. Feast your eyes above on these darling trays by Etsy seller Iktomi. I’m big on texture and contrast and can’t wait to rest shiny baubles atop their earthy goodness.
I’ll be posting periodic updates as the Pretty in Peace art and design table comes to life.
Peace and art
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  1. Denise Ferragamo/ Iktomi says:

    >Thank you so much for the wonderful writeup~ I wish you lots of lusk at your show. I'll tell my mom to attend, she's a clay artist in Phoenix and would love that.

  2. >Good luck with the show! Sounds like a good one.

  3. mairedodd says:

    >how exciting! my heartbeat increased just reading about it! the anticipation of the potential for 'making it happen' is palpable…

  4. >best of luck with everything! Sounds like a great venue!

  5. >I'm counting down with you! This was very exciting to read:) I wish I could come and check out the show. Good luck and may all go well!

  6. >those trays *are* lovely. i'm a texture kinda girl too.

    it's that time again. your displays from last your were really nice, and i'm ready to see what your creative vision produces this year.

    and of course your jewelry is worthy of all the accolades it receives!

  7. Cynthia L. H. says:

    >Oh, nice!!!! Love the trays!!!!
    Congratulations!!!! Hope all goes REALLY well!!!!

  8. High Desert Diva says:

    >Can't wait to see what you're making this year…

  9. parentingBYdummies says:

    >I'll have to share your info with my Phoenix family members. I think my cousin would love your stuff. So. Cool!

  10. >Awesome! You'll be great 🙂 Have fun and happy preparing.

  11. >Congratulations and best wishes!

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