>I’m being sensitive…


I’m out here dear blog friends. I’m out here being sensitive about my PC crashing, my words dancing off with the Fried Piper of Hard Drive; wallowing in the self pity surrounding the recent rift in my writing world. But, I’m out here and I’m hanging in there, taking it all in and jotting it all down so I can begin again. I hope you all are doing well, and I’ll be stopping in again soon.
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  1. Jennifer says:

    >Oh…hugs to you during this time and I’m waiting very patiently 🙂

    BTW, your reaction to the complicator of things…it was inspired when I was painting another piece and adjusting the most minute detail…it was funny that you mentioned it as an artist’s way since that’s when I realized it was a gift…while creating. 🙂

  2. >I’m so sorry. Hang in there. I know it’s hard. We’re here waiting for you.

  3. >oh my poor baby T!

  4. Annie Pazoo says:

    >So good to hear from you. I miss your postings when it’ silent.

  5. fly tie says:

    >take your time, dear, take your time…

  6. PussDaddy says:

    >I read about you losing your files. I am sorry it happened. Next time, save a back up file. My husband tells me to do it, but I never do. I had to start over from scratch when my hard drive crashed, so I know how it feels.


  7. Marcus Kwame says:

    >Sorry about your pc 🙁 In our computer age that’s one of the worst things that can happen. Hope you work it out soon.

  8. lori vliegen says:

    >we’ve missed you…and our arms are around you!! hang in there sweet gal! 🙂

  9. >I’m thinking about you and waiting….patiently.

  10. Shannon says:

    >glad to know you are hanging in there. To loose all those words was surely a hard hard thing!

  11. Sherry Goodloe says:

    >oooooooooh OUCH! 🙁

  12. Sheryl Parsons says:

    >Oh, the frustration! Hope all is fixed and you are back to writing soon!

  13. A Cuban In London says:

    >I wish you luck and I hope your PC comes round soon.

    Greetings from London.

  14. High Desert Diva says:


  15. Cecile/DreamCreateRepeat says:

    >Miss you. Hope you get past this soon….my mom is coming for a visit, and I need a good ole’ jolt of daily Tameka! ; _

  16. Ms. Bar B: says:

    >Soon, hopefully you’ll be staring into a brand new Mac =)

  17. shiborigirl says:

    >Ooohhh… I was so sorry to hear about your files disappearing! I’ve had that happen, and I feel your pain. I’m glad to read you are doing better.

    Looking forward to reading what you’re up to,


  18. Victoria says:

    >Hang in there… the tide has to go out for it to come back in. xo

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