>The Power of One


It’s been a busy few days; Crafeteria III, the Perzine project- I’m almost proud of myself. Keeping in mind that, pride yields an interesting dichotomy. I was tagging the last of my items, pinning my table covering and thinking, “This all began on a whim, with a wire, a twist and a wish. Whether I sell all or none-I’m there. I’ve been. All because I dared. I tried”. The power of one thought.

Switch gears- this morning I’m typing…I know I said I’d write, but this idea came to me mid- morning haze and, it would slip if I tried to get it out in manuscript. I’m on a roll. I’m in the moment; right back in the action. I can smell the trees and hear the voices. I can feel the flood of emotions hit. Oh. They hit hard. The emotions. The memories. I’ve been there. I closed my eyes, tightly. I closed the window. The power of one thought.

It really got me thinking about the power of one. One thought. One wish. One day. One more. One. The one drink that makes you drunk. The one stroke that makes you quiver. The one person you love, the one you lost, the one you wish would get lost. Powerful huh? I’m going to sit on this for a while before I go back to my writing, but I wanted to share.



  1. Little Sparrows Nest says:

    >I am thankful for your comment, it is quite soothing to hear that it was not received all that terribly:)

    I am really enjoying this writing and am compelled to read more…

    See you in the Wind!

  2. jenscloset says:

    >Great writing!

  3. Cecile/DreamCreateRepeat says:

    >You are ready to fly.

  4. Ms. Bar B: says:

    >One word: beautiful =)

  5. Weith Kick says:

    >I like the idea of the power of one. To me the power of one is all about concentration. What really intrigues me is ONE thought. Is this at all possible? One thought? I have tried to zero my mind to one thought but my mind zips and zooms around too much. It’s all about concentration.

  6. >i know exactly what you mean. it is pretty powerful.

  7. High Desert Diva says:

    >Powerful, definitely.

  8. >Your blog is creative, insightful and lovely…just like you!

    Wishing you the best!

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