>Another day, another year…


Another reason to celebrate. On November 14th 1988 Favorite Guy and I became official. No, not married silly, I was fifteen. We began dating, we were officially “going steady”; approving nods abound. See, in the years before the Great Flood, there was a science; a paradigm for exhibiting the quality of one’s home training. Call it what you will, it worked and it makes for good storytelling for our children and their children.

This anniversary, while different, is as deeply profound and heartfelt as our nuptials celebrations. It marks the beginning of our friendship, it is the beginning of our promise to like each other. Marriage, and the commitment to love and honor is a promise we’ve made to ourselves-a statement of integrity; the people we are when no one is looking, on a piece of paper that no one sees. Our friendship, the laughter shared, good times, hard times and tears-that is who we are; inside and out, every day of every year. It is the foundation and the forefront of our union. It is at once, the cover of the book and the moral of the story we’ve written for our children and their children. Friendship: a cause worth celebrating every day of every year, in the story of us.

And in the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures.
For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.

Kahlil Gibran
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  1. Ms. Bar B: says:

    >Congratulations on the beauty that is the Mercados =)

  2. >I’ve come to you’re blog a number of times and I couldn’t think of something to say. Once I saw this photo, I had to tell you that it was beautiful. Keep blogging!

  3. A Cuban In London says:

    >First of all, congrats on you anniversary. I feel fortunate to celebrate my birthday two days after you and Favourite Guy became emmeshed in each other’s lives. A Scorpio relationship, it augurs well, dear, deffo. Passion and a lot of giving.

    Secondly, the photo is magnificent. Well done to you guys.

    Greetings from London.

  4. High Desert Diva says:

    >Loooooooove the photo!

    Happy 20th, too.

    Mark & I have a separate celebration marking the day we first dated, too. August 20, 2009 will be our 20th… you and Favorite Guy are a year up on us!

  5. MBB Founder and Editor Denene Millner says:

    >My God, I love love. Congratulations, you two–yours is a beautiful, touching story that should be screamed from the mountaintops… what an incredible example not only for your children, but for all of ours, and yours!

  6. Renée aka Mekhismom says:

    >That is a beautiful picture. Congratulations on 20 years of friendship and love. Your relationship is a great example to others. Keep on keepin on!

  7. >i know you know this and i’ve probably said it before, but you’re a superb writer.

    beautiful picture, and the relationship sounds marvelous. 🙂

  8. shiborigirl says:

    >What a beautiful picture of a perfect moment.

    Congratulations on your anniversary. I think not enough people enter a relationship with the commitment to like each other. The fact you have been together so long is lovely!


  9. >This is great T. You are so right;the foundation of any solid relationship is a profound friendship. What a blessing that you found that friendship in the man you married. Life is so damn good when you really take the time to appreciate it. Celebrate EVERYTHING, I say. Every last goodness your heart can stand. Thanks for making me stop and think.

    And that photo…LOVE IT!!

  10. BlossomingTree says:

    >An absolutely beautiful photo and your words are so touching. A deep and profound friendship…it’s a beautiful thing! Congratulations to you both and to your children. That has to have the most positive effect on them.

  11. BeadedTail says:

    >Beautiful photo! Congratulations on 20 years together!

  12. Kala Pohl Studio says:

    >Absolutely love the photo:) It is 24 years for me and hubby. Friendship – the cornerstone of any good relationship, I think:):)

  13. >Marrying your best friend is one of life’s sweetest pleasures!

    Beautiful picture capturing a beautiful life together….

  14. Jewelry Rockstar says:

    >I like that you celebrate the day you two decided to like each other because in a union “liking each other is so key” Congrats and may you grow old together watching the equivalent of sex change hospital.

  15. MichellesCharmWorld says:

    >WOW! congrats that s truly a wonderful thing!

  16. tattytiara says:

    >20?!??! years?!?!? Since you were Fifteen!!!!!!!?

    Wow. I’m sure you two have had an epic journey together. Changing as people, changing as a couple, changing as a family, and staying strong.

    Bravo, babe. That’s inspiring stuff.

    And indeed – that’s a very beautiful photo.

  17. Rosebud Collection says:

    >Much love and blessings to you both..love the picture..You know it really touched my heart..Beautiful.
    I was 15 when I met my husband too.

  18. >How beautiful! My guy and I went on our first date on April 6, 1968. Not sure how I remembered that all these years, I can’t remember things I did yesterday. I guess we remember what is important. Thank you so much for sharing.

  19. >Oh, congratulations!!

  20. Clarity says:

    >I adore that. Beautiful picture.

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