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“An inordinate passion for pleasure is the secret of remaining young”
-Oscar Wilde

This afternoon I ventured into the backyard to engage a little rickets prevention therapy when I heard some whispers coming in from the East. I leaned in closer and while still unintelligible, I could make out that there were a group of children-teenagers, engaging some covert discourse. We live in the last house before the playground, so that isn’t unusual.
Shortly after their voices began to rise. One of them was coughing, more like hacking, and quite loudly. Just as I was about to slip on my Birkenstocks’ and head for the front door-doting moms want to know, I smelled the distinct aroma of marijuana. Hmmm.
The internal conversation begins. “How should I handle this? Do I let them get their after school buzz on? It’s only pot, everyone does it”. (Note: I do not, I’m naturally crazy; genetics.) I’m not feeling so gorgeous today, so sticking my head over the wall and being called a nosey old bitch is out of the question. I hang my head in the kind of shame that comes with wanting to do the right thing, fearing the outcome, and knowing inaction is the absolute worst thing.
So, I sit pensively, dangling my sandal from the tip of my right big toe. The sunlight casts a bright line which breaks through the shadow cast by the West pillar. The line runs, almost magically from the tip of my toe to the garden hose as it lay in the grass. Ha ha ha, Eureka! Slowly, I unravel the hose and race back giggling like a madwoman (A contact perhaps?) and I turn on the spigot. I position myself behind the East pillar. I feel the hose begin to stiffen as the water meets the nozzle and I press!

Teen pot smokers are washed up, just say, “no”!

I went and stood out front to see if they would run past; sopping wet and hurling expletives into the Universe. Alas, they failed to further entertain my perversion and ran the other way. I hope the choking kid is okay. Have you spoken to your kids, cats, dogs, or friends about drugs? How about crazy neighbors?


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  1. Renée aka Mekhismom says:

    >Okay – you are hilarious! I am so glad that you did what you did. I am surprised that the kids didn’t start screaming. What a great post to get parents thinking about how to approach this topic with their children. Love it!

  2. Darius T. Williams says:

    >Yea, this should be turned into a public service announcement!

  3. Ms. Bar B: says:

    >Haha @ nosey old bitch. You? NEVER!

    That was the best. Weed smoking bothers me so much and I must say, I’ve never thought of approaching my weed smoking family/friend in this manner. That’s an awesome intervention.

    In yo face Dr. Drew!

  4. CreoleInDC says:

    >ROFL! Exatly what I would have done! You rock!

  5. Dancing Monkey Jewelry says:

    >You are too funny – I love how you handled the situation.

    Good for you!

  6. >Oh My Gosh! That is officially on my life list of things I have to do before I die! Brilliant absolutley Brilliant!!!!

  7. A Cuban In London says:

    >Excellent post which explains a situation I will be facing in a few years when my oldest becomes a teenager. It’s not an easy issue but I think that if he decided to do it, I’d rather he smoked pot in the garden of our house than in a dimly lit corner at the end of the block.

    Greetings from London.

  8. Justice Jonesie says:

    >Ha, ha!! That’s one way to do it! Love it.

  9. shiborigirl says:

    >Haha – very creative! Have you heard anything about it yet? Good luck to you, when you do have that “talk” with your youngsters.


  10. >Good one! What should you do if you see smoke? Put out the fire!

  11. >lmao! especially at the picture.

  12. cecileklay says:

    >Tameka, brightening one day at a time!

  13. Cat in the Foxgloves says:

    >Oh My Gosh! You are so funny! That gave me my daily dose of laughter…excuse me, stress relief therapy! Thanks so much!

  14. Denise Felton says:

    >OMG! I love your brain!

  15. >LOL!! Oh, my goodness that is too funny. Maybe you did get a contact high!? I’m just like you in the sense that I don’t want problems but I don’t want to stand idelly by either. Such a dilemma!! What a fantastic ideal…you’re such a smart cookie.

  16. Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T says:

    >thanks my next poem will be called

    dangling her sandel

  17. Jewelry Rockstar says:

    >Yea for you! I love it. Goes to show I’m getting up in age. You are funny and spirited!

  18. >that is awesome! I would have loved to have seen their reactions, priceless good fun!:)

  19. Brothers Blog says:

    >LMAO. This is hilarious. I know those kids were thinking what in the hell just happen. Hopefully it deters them from smoking any more. At least not in front of other people’s houses like that. Good one!!

  20. High Desert Diva says:

    >You are brilliant!!!

  21. >That’s a great story! You can bet they won’t smoke over your fence anymore. I’d love the chance to do that.

    Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m catching up on your old posts here. I like the way you write.

  22. Breath of Light says:

    >creative intervention! i’m more amused by the fact that you took the time to photograph it. lol

  23. Anonymous says:

    >takes a toke … chokes and laughs at the same time LOL

    Just joking … love the adventure , good one 🙂

    favorite guy !

  24. Femin Susan says:

    >your theme for the blog is really good.

  25. >Oh I love it too. I wonder if it will work on laziness, dirty rooms and glued to the t.v. children. I’ll try it and let you know. Yes, I will try it in the house. I don’t have to clean it up.


  26. Kala Pohl Studio says:

    >Your post made my day:):)

    Happy Halloween.

  27. >OMG. This is effing hilarious! Tameka, you so crazy!

  28. Raxx - A day in the life says:

    >First time visiting and I love this story! Youre brave though!

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