>Fat Tuesday


Yes a weight post. The horror! I promise it’ll be brief and I will only subject my readers to kvetching about corpulence once a month. Yes, I have reserved the first Tuesday (Mardi Gras, how ingeniously appropos.) until my desired ass size is achieved.

I realized last week whilst scheduling my appointment with the neurologist- who, by the way has loud, hard rock hold music and a gum chewing receptionist, that I’d likely have to resume taking the metabolism maligning migraine medication. This was met with great trepidation the first time around and that was 25 pounds ago. Now, at max weight for my current wardrobe’s capacity, it is a crying shame. Alas my friends, I must pick myself up from the sweet comforts of my sofa and get to work.

Losing weight is hard work. I’m still not sure where the erroneous science of gaining weight and losing weight came from. Surely, not from a woman age 30 and over. As many of us can attest, losing things- keys, your mind and the like is an easy task. Whilst gaining, as in muscle mass, momentum and energy is not. So, I present the following corrective argument and action plan: I found the extra padding on my ass and the extra chin and am now working towards gaining the discipline to stay away from the donuts and the comforts of my couch. A process that will be meticulously recorded and shared with you all the first Tuesday of each month until I lose my mind…er I mean the weight.

Joe, formerly known as Favorite Guy-I kid, I’m just being whiney, will not join me on my mission. If any of you are up for making a semi-conscious lifestyle change, feel free to share your tried and true tips and stories of triumph and carbs-deprived tragedy right here, same time, same place, each and every first Tuesday of the month. Peace.
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  1. Jewelry Rockstar says:

    >Okay, I am really in this time. I went out with my girlfriend for her 40th celebration. She was 15 lbs lighter, and she looked great in a backless, freakum dress. I will be 40 next August, and I want to be 150 lbs again. That means I have somewhere between 18 -20 lbs to shed. I realized on Saturday night, that I want to be 40 and fab, so I gotta make it happen.

  2. Smarty Pants says:

    >I’ve been working on the “me” project for a month. I excercise daily, thanks to a stationary bicycle and Comcast on demand yoga and pilates. I eat differently, nothing that you can get while still seated in your car. Everything I put in my body has to have a benefit.
    I feel fantastic. Mentally and physically fantastic.
    I’m not using a scale, instead I’m looking in the mirror naked. The first few times were very uncomfortable, but now I am enjoying watching the change occur. My clothes also tell me when weight has shifted or added, (I dont need those nasty numbers on the scale to help.)
    BE strong. It’s hard, but what would be more worth it than a healthy happy you?

  3. High Desert Diva says:

    >Oh hell.

    I’m in.

  4. >”kvetching about corpulence”

    good phrase.

    lol @ high desert diva.

    your corrective argument action plan–aside from being funny–i think is more appropriate and relevant to this sort of task and attempts to correct health related issues in general. it’s when you’re able to realize what it is that’s causing the problem and *gain* the willpower to leave whatever that is alone that the transformation being sought is able to be actualized.

    well, either that or have the size of your stomach reduced.

    i’ll be tuning in.

  5. >Damn, you know I feel your pain. You also know I’m in in to win it and have been for a couple months now. I’m almost 1/3 of the way to my goal and it feels great. Remember how you told me the other day that your problem is that you “haven’t gotten fat *enough* yet”? Trust me, I’m there and you do NOT want to be here. So, jumping on this thing while it’s still quite manageable is the best decision you could be making. I’m all about encouragement and virtual ^5’s! Peace and good luck!

  6. Ms. Bar B: says:

    >::Ms. Bar B raises her hand from the back of the room::

    Present for class Mrs. Mercado. You can count me in for the “lose some of this fat-ass-ness” challenge.

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