>Monday Monday (The Update)


Not too shabby! The party menu has been finalized, place mats purchased, non-perishables (or is it imperishables) purchased. Pesticide for the succulents and replacement succulents for the departed purchased. Moment of silence. I have bangs (I like them, more about them later.) I designed the perfect pair of earrings for my dress and favorite guy snagged a complementing tee. The cats have new toys, Beau has alfalfa, I met my Thrift Swap partner Beth and, we swapped thrifty goodness (pics to follow). I uploaded a couple of designs and one delicious meal to The Creativity 365 Project! Muffin Tin Monday went over without incident although my blood sugar was plummeting as I struggled to prepare. I assure you my soft vegetarian tacos tasted so much better than the ingredients look divvied up into a muffin tin, except for the store bought guacamole; it had the consistency of well, you can see the consistency. That’s a never again. Unseen sides include sweet plantains baked with a bit of olive oil and fresh broccoli. Had I taken the time to include everything I would have been bordering on hypoglycemic hysterics, so I erred on the side of sanity. Pauses to breathe.
More, the skeleton of my Bee’s Knees Tuesday featured artist interview is complete. If you haven’t been following look over there to your left, see the cool bee hanging out there under the words The Buzz Art Blog? Yeah her, click on the pic and you’re there. I’ll put the finishing touches on tomorrow before yoga which I cannot miss lest I turn to stone. No, seriously the tightening of the muscles is a fate worse than death, so Downward Dog it is. On the social front, although I haven’t been doing much socializing since I have to smile and play nice on Saturday-one of my NYC committee members, in a bizarre turn of events has fairly recently befriended the friend of a long lost cousin of mine; a first cousin no less. It has been ages, literally; we were children when we last saw one another or spoke. I’m really looking forward to hearing and comparing! And…I think that’s it, right-like that wasn’t enough! Faints.
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  1. Rosebud Collection says:

    >The tacos sounded good..even though I am a meat person..can’t help myself..
    The display was very nice looking..
    Your other blog is wonderful too..

  2. High Desert Diva says:

    >ok…between the Flickr photos and your meal lists…I MUST find some plantains.

    Trust me, this won’t be easy. I’m sure they’re not close…probably at some expensive store 30 miles away.

    your bangs look great, btw

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