>Random Thought: If it’s misery, don’t RSVP!


I like to compare myself to a cat when I’m ill or otherwise socially challenged. During these times, I become quiet and withdrawn. (As soon as I complete the 10 week Etsy Biggest Loser challenge I’m hoping to be able to fit behind the fridge with a coffee mug and a book.) Now, dogs on the other hand wimper aloud and make a fuss when they’re ill, like humans. Why do dogs and annoying people do this?

On occasion I will phone a friend and say, “How are you?” Only to be deluged by complaints from their phalanges to Los Angeles-and you know even that is okay, because I asked for it. But, when someone calls and, in the early morning hours no less-to complain about the most trivial mundane matters, it makes you wonder…do you really like me? Why then are you determined to seize my already meager serving of happy for the day? Did I RSVP to your pity party? Nah, I couldn’t have, not me! Shakes head.

So that’s what’s cooking over here this Thursday. For those of you waiting on return phone calls and e-mails, it’s gonna be a while; I’m spent. The Glum Reaper claimed all of my give a shit for the week. How are you?


  1. Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T says:

    >u have home trasining a lot of folks dont and chk out what I call the blinded by the Obamafication of America

  2. mary jane says:

    >my friend has a name for the pity party types…
    energy vampires~
    mary jane

  3. Kristie says:

    >Your last sentence made me LOL. Almost woke my DH who- in 30 minutes- has to leave for about a month. (Work related.)
    Anywho, thanks for the laugh. 🙂

    And P.S. I have a friend like that. Always down, always gloomy, and ALWAYS more than happy to share it with me. UGH!

  4. >”Did I RSVP to your pity party?”

    Oh my. I need to use that sometime.
    (with attribution of course)
    That is priceless.

  5. >No only are your thoughts really worth while, but you are a beautiful writer.

  6. >Pardon the typo. . .No = not. That’ll teach me.

  7. Elise of Argyle Whale says:

    >”the glum reaper” is a perfect description!

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