>NEW! Random Thoughts Thursdays


Random Thoughts Thursdays, yeah…I like that…that certainly works.
Some time ago I blogged about why the color bleu (French for blue) isn’t brown, it certainly sounds more like what you’d expect brown to sound like, if colors made sounds. It occurred to me when a poster commented in agreement that perhaps, all of us creative geniuses (Wink) have similar random thoughts. Let’s share, until I become intrigued by something other than random thoughts to blog about on Thursdays; this is it! I will allow anonymous posts just for Thursdays where we can all share our random thoughts. Tell a friend, tell a few, let’s make this an interesting study of random fodder beginning this Thursday May 08, 2008.


  1. learning to love self! says:

    >Please send some positive energy my way. I am surrounded by idiots and it is starting to drive me crazy!!! Mostly the people at work. How is it that these people are in upper management and know nothing? Yet I get the lil check…Peace be w me…lol

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