Every Wednesday I groom my favorite guy, it’s the end of our extended weekend and his Monday for his away from home work. Now, Monday like actual, real Monday was my day to get all of my Aveda potions and beautify myself, because that’s our Saturday. Laughs. I guess by now you can tell this is one of those days. Getting to the topic at hand, today I’m shaving the boy and I notice lots of platinum stubbies and the reality of our existence hits. It’s just for a spell, but for that short period of time it was a moment of clarity. I felt the sheer magnitude of what it means to share my life with a complete stranger.
Of course 20 years into our relationship Joe is hardly a stranger, but when it comes down to it of all of the animals we are the only species that dates, mates and procreates with a deliberate stranger. I don’t know why I thought of this today but I find it mesmerizing that at this point in my 34 year existence, I have spent 20 of those years with Joe. Joe, the guy from the club that night. Laughs. Am I insane or does anyone else have moments when you question a given and realize that you just accept it for what it is because everyone else does or because you just never thought about it until now?
Now, not like why is the sky blue, but like what exactly is blue? If you say it enough times it’s a totally preposterous sounding word. I happen to love muted hues of blue and when I look at them the only thing that seems to tie the name of the color and the actual color is curvy lines. Blue feels like it looks written in cursive in french, but the french bleu is even more of an injustice to the lovely color, “bleu” should totally represent the color brown. Grimaces and is actually beginning to really think perhaps I’m a little off today, but I’m going to post anyway because I’m trying to ginger my creative palate every evening before I retire.
Back to Joe, so I’m just looking at this guy and thinking wow, you’re just a guy…like any other guy walking down the street. It just boggles the mind how simple but complex life can be. The thought of how much effort goes into sustaining a marriage and building a family and a life together with random dude from the club. I wonder if he ever looks at me and thinks the same thing. Of course someone is reading and thinking, “Well, it’s love”..I understand this and I’m not denying that I love this person with all that I am, but then I ask what is love but yet another weird sounding word. I certainly wouldn’t have named the immense joy I feel everyday that is spent with dude from the club “love” it’s so flat, love should end in a vowel, something sweet. Say, “I love you very much”. And, then say, “Je t’aime beaucoup”. Not “bO-koop” for the love of tumbled rocks, “bO-koo”. See, hold it right there…Yes! With your lips slightly pursed. Now, that is how I feel about dude from the club. Laughs.
More breaking news, I completed my shadow box collage, I think I’m going to go with numbers for titles since I’m already getting cerebral cramping from naming my jewelry. Anyway, here goes. Everything in this piece is from existing stash or this week’s trash.


  1. McDonough says:

    >I for one wish i was as creative and articulate and my friend Tea.I look forward to reading your blog each day. I was reading the other day and thought to myself that you should write a book or something but Joe beat me to it. I will be making a trip to Bevmo this weekend to get some of that beer.

    Always your Friend

  2. The Nature Nut says:

    >I loved this post! I have had exactly the same conversation with myself about the word blue…and I completely agree that bleu should mean brown!!!

    I really enjoyed reading this bO-koo :o)

  3. >I love the collage! But then again, I’m partial to birds. 🙂

  4. JuLiE_MaX says:

    >I'm addicted to your musings. I love how you share. You are so amazingly strong and original and just like me. You say the things I feel so eloquently.
    God Bless you!
    Thanks for sharing, truly Sharing! Thanks!!!


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